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Entrance exams are the real final exam of the School education. These exams are vital for taking the final decision for further move. Entering into entrance exam is making optimal pressure to the students and parents.

The policies, system of the Higher Education are changing every day and differ from region to region. There is no uniqueness for admission in to Higher Education. Students as well as the parents are so much scared on the present implementations.

Understanding of various Entrance Exams is not easy and it is a challenging one, now a days.

Even after clearing all these major entrance examinations, without understanding the myths and facts, many students and parents commit several mistakes in admissions, that’s leads them to frustration.

We are taking care of the student’s registration into Entrance Exams till the completion of the Admission into Premier Institutions.

We are providing the relevant information to the needy and conducting familiarization seminars on NATA, AIEEE, AIPMT and other related examinations.

We are coaching the students for AIEEE/ AIPMT and NATA Entrance Exams for the past few years. So far we have trained 6 batches size of 40 each and our talented students are studying in IIT/NIT.