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Academic development and skill set development are the two sides of the coin. Both are playing equal role on student’s life to catch the suitable position in job market.

Academic institutions are only conducting courses and concentrating academic development of the students. Unfortunately they are not able to concentrate the skill set development. According to the recent surveys conducting by the Employment agencies and HRD, deviation/ lack has observed that the academic excellent students are continuously fail to achieve the optimal level than the normal student those who have inbuilt skill set.

We believe that every student has a unique inbuilt skill. Few of the self influenced / self immunity students are improving their skill and acquire the benefits. The others haven’t option to find their skills and eliminated.

We are focusing the majority of the students those who need the ignition/ kick starters to identify their inbuilt skill set. We are preparing and delivering the concepts to identify themselves and explain the techniques to improve the identified skills throughout the lifetime.

So, we are identifying/ teaching/ tutoring about their inbuilt skills of the technocrats or pillars of the future India.