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Generations are passed….!

Rural – the word as well as the rural world has avoided/ omitted by the most of the Excellencies….!!! At this juncture the students of the same community also forget by the uppermost. The real strength of the nation is accumulated in Rural areas and we are suppose to uplift them and make them fit.

Rural areas are treated as Separate Island. They are not treated as part of the country. Regrettably the present students of the rural community are also not reachable by means of amenities, opportunities, knowledge, technology; they are far away from the present trend….   This is the accepting fact.

The growth of the country is measured by the progress of the cultivation system of land and progress of the education system of the rural students.

Economical growth of the country is based on the cultivated grains; As well as, the intellectual growth has based on the cultivated brains!

The rural students are intelligent and hard workers by nature and their living culture has teaching them to adopt in any climate and situations. They are able to face any kind of challenges and most of the achievers are from the Rural areas.

We are focusing the young brains of the rural areas to be cultivated. It’s our responsibility too.

Knowledge sharing is essential in all level for growth and achievement. Knowledge sharing is our prime methodology to familiarize the latest trend in all means and facilitate them into next level.

We are conducting free, that is margin free seminars in various heading as eye opening sessions to create wakefulness and bring them into national river (thesiya neerottam….). Our Tailor ended module is seriously designed after analyzing various factors of the rural areas and roofed academic, knowledge, technical, technological and social development topics.

 With the regular intervals, we are measuring and realizing the transformation of the rural brains and the continuous expansion of the life style in the direction of high pitch – this is our almost achievement of our initiations and contribution to the society.

We are boosting ourselves and conducting such sessions with same aggressiveness for Social Cause.